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Frequently Asked Questions

• Where is Acton Academy Toronto located?

We are currently located in 114 Mimico Avenue, Toronto, ON M8V 1R5. As we grow, we will be moving to bigger space that will allow growth for our Sparks, Middle School, and High School Studios. We are still in the planning stage in terms of location in the years to come. We are looking for a central location with a large open space.

 When will Acton Academy Toronto open?

Our Elementary Studio (~ 7 - 11 years old) will launch in September 2023. We have limited space available and we are now booking appointments for 2023 launch if you are interested in joining Acton Academy Toronto. 

• What ages does Acton Academy Toronto serve?

Currently, we are only accepting learners for our Elementary Studio (~ 7 - 11 years old). However, we have a waitlist for Sparks Studio (4-7 years old), Middle School (12 - 14 years old), and High School Studio (14-17 years old). The age ranges are not fixed as the children can move up through the Studio when they complete the work for the program. 

• What is the student-to-teacher ratio at Acton Academy Toronto?

The current maximum our Elementary Studio will accept is 12 Eagles to one Guide.  As the school grows, please note that the ratio is not fixed and the ratio will depend on the number of applicants and the space of our permanent location.

• How long is a school year at Acton Academy Toronto? 

Acton Academy Toronto's school year operates on an eleven-month calendar with one week off every 5-6 weeks cycle. This allows the family to travel during off-peak times. Our school is off five weeks in the summer. 

• What do you mean by a Hero’s Journey​?

We believe that each of us including a child has a special calling in life with a series of experiences that must be faced with integrity and purpose to discover one's passion and gifts to help change the world. At Acton Academy Toronto, your child will begin their Hero’s Journey to change the world.

• Does Acton Academy Toronto accept Special Needs?

Acton Academy Toronto's individualized self-paced and self-directed learning approach is able to serve many children. Students who are challenged by traditional schools often flourish in our type of setting. However, we are not equipped to serve children with serious learning disabilities but if we can serve you, we will.

• Is Acton Academy Toronto a religious school?

While we expose children to the importance of mindfulness (such as meditation and breathing), we do not promote any one religion. 

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